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Qatar Work Visa Application

Documents Required for Qatar Work Visa

Foreign employees will need a Residence Permit as well as a Work permit before they can begin employment in Qatar. The following documents are necessary in applying for a work permit:

  • Employer Contract
  • A medical certificate proving that the employee is in good health
  • A duly completed application form from the Ministry of Labour Qatar
  • Two passport photographs
  • A copy of the employee’s passport
  • Any relevant educational certificates
  • The immigration card of the employer
  • The employment visa
  • Biometrics, including fingerprint

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To obtain a residence permit, the applicant will need to provide the following documents:

  • A valid passport
  • Two passport photographs of the employee
  • The employment visa
  • A copy of the company’s Commercial Registration
  • A copy of the business’s immigration card
  • The employee’s medical certificate

The Qatar Work Visa Application Procedure

Qatar has a relatively complicated procedure for hiring foreign workers. To begin the process, your company must register with the Ministry of Interior’s Immigration Department. The Company cannot apply for a work permit until you have completed this process. They are required to provide several documents as the employer, including a copy of company trade licence. The Company will be issued an Immigration Card as well as a Representative Card if your application is approved.

Following that, the company must apply for a block of work permits for all of the expatriates it plans to hire. The application must be completed in Arabic, and you must disclose the total number of foreign employees, their job positions, and their nationalities. The Ministry of Labour will grant approval.

After the work permits are approved, your company must apply for employment visas for each foreign worker. The documents listed in the previous section must be submitted to the Ministry of Labour for each employee.The process is some what similar to Dubai Job Visas

Employees can travel to Qatar once they have received their work visas. Your company must apply for the employee’s residence permit within seven days of their arrival. The necessary documents are listed in the preceding section and must be submitted to the Ministry of Labour.

After receiving the residence permit, the employee may begin working for your company in Qatar. These permits allow the employee to work exclusively for your company. Permits can be renewed on an individual basis by your company.

Other Vital Considerations for Qatar Work Visa

Your company should make sure that all employees are aware that they must carry their ID and any necessary visas at all times. Inspections by labour officials may be conducted at your business, and employees will be required to produce these documents.

Your employees should also be aware that they will require an exit permit in order to leave Qatar. The Ministry of Interior issues this permit, which must be approved by the employer.


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