Chinese Citizen Applying for Chile Visa

Visa Law for Chinese Citizens in Chile

Chinese people are also currently authorised to enter Chile without a visa for tourism or business purposes provided they are in possession of a non-transit visa for Canada or the United States that is valid at the time of entry for at least six months.

Electronic Visa Chile

The E-Vistur electronic visa system, which Chile inaugurated in May 2020, will enable foreign nationals of qualifying nations to receive a visa without having to go through the application process at a Chilean consulate or embassy.

To replace the former visa on arrival requirement for visitors from Australia and to speed up the application procedure, this eVisa for Chile is initially being made accessible to Australian nationals.

However, it is anticipated to be extended to additional eligible nations in the near future and remove the requirement for some nationalities to obtain an embassy visa.

The E-Vistur for Chile will be made available through a quick and easy online application that only requires a few minutes to complete with basic information about your identity and passport. After approval, you will receive an email confirming your electronic visa for Chile.

Upon approval, applicants must print a copy of the Chilean eVisa to show to immigration control in Chile along with their passports.

A citizen entering Chile on an E-Vistur may stay there for up to 90 days. On the other hand, once inside Chile, they may also get a 90-day extension.

The nationalities that can apply for a Chilean E-Vistur visa are listed below.

Required Embassy or Consular Visa

No of how long they intend to stay in Chile or the reason for their trip, travellers who are citizens of about 150 specific countries must obtain an embassy visa in order to enter the nation.

The traveller must get an embassy visa for Chile from the closest Chilean government diplomatic office well in advance of their scheduled date of arrival in the nation.

Making a consular appointment is the first step in the process of getting a visa through the Chilean embassy. The next step is often for the applicant to complete and print a visa application form, which must then be brought with them to the embassy interview.

Citizens who require this sort of visa are strongly advised to schedule an appointment several weeks before their intended trip to Chile, as processing and approval times can be extended.

Depending on the objective of the trip, it is necessary to specify the type of Chilean embassy visa required when attending the consular appointment. Among many other visa alternatives, a consulate may grant a Chilean visa for a tourist, work, study, or residence.

To find out if you require a Chilean visa from an embassy, Click here


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