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We are Greece Visa Consultants in Kolkata. In order to visit Greece as a tourist, you must be aware of the country's visa requirements. The country's long, sandy beaches and countless islands make it a tourist hotspot. In order to visit Greece, you will need a 90-day short-term visa. Short-term Schengen visas are another name for them. As you may already know, all European countries that are part of the Schengen agreement can accept a Schengen visa. Greece is a member of the Schengen Agreement.

Greece, along with the other Schengen member states, is accessible to visitors with a Schengen visa.

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Requirements to Apply For Greece Tourist Visa

2 copies of passport size photos

Complete Application Form

A Valid Passport with minimum 3 Months Validity

Proof of Hotel Booking

Confirmed Air Tickets

A detailed plan of your activities during the duration of your stay in Greece

Proof of Financial Support during your stay

Recent Bank Statements

Valid Overseas Travel Insurance

A Covering Letter stating your Purpose of Visit.

Proof of your Status ie Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate

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